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First-of-its-kind online library of thousands of fabric designs. A virtual design database to upload, store, search, retrieve and publish fabric concepts. An intelligent data management system JUST FOR YOU!!!

Stock Textile Designs

Stock Textile

Design Archive hosts a comprehensive library created over a period of time providing unprecedented value to wide range of users .

Seasonal Collections


Instantly Search Designs based on seasons, moodboards & color story for customers.

Global Design Community

Global Design

Designers across the world contribute designs on our Servers.!

Communicate Designs


Your design concepts and collections by
true to life CAD Simulation.

• Standard layouts for multiple designs
• Pinking shears, Shadow accentuate the presentation
• Swatch card with waterfall effect


Versatile, flexible and available, Design Archive is an indispensable tool that provides unprecedented value to wide range of users – for design professionals and business houses ranging from manufacturing, and trading to retail and e-commerce industries.

Users can upload designs to the vast library, search for desired patterns/collections in the Google-like search engine, visualize finished products with powerful 3D mapping, create design presentations, and share collections by mail or CAD.


• Thousands of designs.
• Opportunity to showcase talent and earn money too.
• Powerful search engine and 3D mapping engine.
• Easy sharing of design assets.
• Enhanced connectivity, communication and accessibility.
• Merchant-centric approach.

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Its very difficult to record and catalog all the innumerable varieties of textile along with the minute differentiations this calls for the advent of new technologies like Virtual Textile Database wherein all the data regarding textiles can be stored relationally like seasonal designs, yearly designs. A multitude of designs are stored with us by textile designers all over the world. These designs are readily available to any of our clients who wish to access. so that the user can access them and even compare with the help of 3d fabric draping.

With an extensive collection of new designs coming in everyday, the need for a exhaustive database becomes even more relevant. The design archive stores all the design and with the help of CAD Simulations allows for effects like pinking shears, shadow accentuations. With virtual fabric draping as an option it becomes easier for the user to simultaneously review multiple designs by accessing the 3d design database.